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the Butterfly Garden


News Flash... Check out the Tamanend Day page to see what was happening at the garden on Tamanend Day 1999!
Tucked away in the glade of Tamanend Park is a place of reflection and joy. A garden that celebrates the lives of our loved ones and gives peace to its visitors. Enjoy your time here and let us have your observations.

Tamanend Day
Fall Garden
Flower Map


A marker tells the story of the garden. Cared  for by volunteers from all over the area, it's a real surprise for the unwary and an interesting destination for gardeners of all varieties.


Welcome to our garden...



A pathway invites you in and around the many plants and flowers that thrive here.

Butterfly bushes are prominent here and are sure to attract many species of butterflies that are here in Bucks County.

The different varieties you will see here are always changing. Something else will be blooming each time you visit.

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