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Tamanend Day


Tamanend Day
Fall Garden
Flower Map

Tamanend Day was Saturday, September 18, 1999. Thanks to the guests, the butterfly garden volunteers and the Girl Scouts, the day was a great success. Here are a few photos of the festivities...

A steady stream of visitors walked to the glade throughout the day. Some had memories of years past and some were first time butterfly garden guests. Interest in butterfly gardening was expressed by many. Volunteers handed out information and answered questions for the enthusiastic visitors.
Placing the monarchs in their holding net was the first order of the day. All were tagged and released by the end of the day.
Two of the many visiting children decorating their own butterfly wings.
These Girl Scouts helped the younger children decorate wings. They couldn't resist getting into the act too.
As the monarchs warmed to above 85 degrees the fluttering began in the nets. They were ready to start their journey to Mexico.
Madame Butterfly on the right helps a first time visitor from North Carolina ready a monarch for flight.
Every child who wanted to participate in a release had the opportunity.
Not all the monarchs took immediate flight. This one landed on a Dad's bright yellow shirt.
This one stopped to gather some nectar from an asclepias in the garden.
Caterpillars and butterflies in various stages of emergence were displayed on the information table. Fact sheets on butterfly gardening and the Monarch Watch were offered to all those wanting more in depth information.
Goodbye to all the little butterflies until next summer!

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