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Tamanend Day
Fall Garden
Flower Map

Here are some of the butterflies you can see at the garden. Click on a picture to see an enlarged version. Use the back button on your browser to come back to this page.
A tiger swallowtail on a buddleia presents a wonderful opportunity for the photographer.

buttblyel_3.jpg (45696 bytes)

A Spicebush Swallowtail feasting on the nectar of a zinnia. Eggs are laid on Spicebushes and Sassafras.

buttblac_1.jpg (44196 bytes)

The Monarch butterfly feeds on the zinnia but lays eggs on her host plant the milkweed which is an included plant to the rear of the butterfly garden.

buttblyel_1.jpg (48381 bytes)

This Meadow Fritillary continuously posed for photo after photo. The larval food for the caterpillar is the violet.

Buttyel_1.jpg (44129 bytes)

The Black Swallowtail is a frequent visitor at the garden. It can be identified in part by its erratic flying habits.

buttblac_2.jpg (49581 bytes)

The monarch excites all of the volunteers.  It is the species that is most frequently raised by volunteers from egg to emerged butterfly. Many will be released on Tamanend Day, Sept. 18th.

buttblyel_2.jpg (47989 bytes)

Cabbage whites are abundant in the garden. This one shares a liatris with a bee.

cabbagewhite.jpg (59206 bytes)

The black swallowtail caterpillar feeding on rue. Other host plants are fennel and parsley. blackswallowtailcat1.jpg (47696 bytes)
The monarch caterpillar feeds exclusively on milkweeds. This one is munching on swamp milkweed.

monarchcat1.jpg (52567 bytes)


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