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Tamanend Day
Fall Garden
Flower Map

This is the view that greets the visitor as they round the bend in the glade.
Most seasons the mailbox contains information on the garden and the participants, but  this spring a wren took  residence in our info center. A news letter will be here later in the season when she has finished with this home.
Achillea is one of the main early features of the garden area cared for by Joyce and Angie.
Skippers dance on the liatris as they seek nectar.
Star zinnias and day lilies line the path on the right side of the garden.
A bench is available for those who want to just sit and enjoy the dance of the butterflies for a moment or several hours. Warm, sunny days are the best for viewing as the butterfly needs a body temperature of 85 to take flight.
Iris and day lilies make a pleasant contrast in the back section of the garden. The garden is an ever changing scene of perennials with the constant annuals as fillers. 
Lambs ear, Stachys byzantina provides a silver accent to compliment more colorful blooms.
State Fair zinnias flank a white buddleia as the centerpiece. The colorful zinnias are especially attractive to the butterflies. 
To the right sedum spectabile lines the path. These plants will provide late summer and fall blooms. At the bottom of this photo is coreopsis 'Zagreb' just starting her yellow show. 


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